Every $1 spent on comprehensive year-round wellness programs yields $3 in savings

Workplace Wellness Programs Can Generate Savings, By Katherine Baicker, David Cutler and Zirui Song.



The health care law is helping to expand access to care for millions of Californians.  However, 3-4 million will remain uninsured for a number of reasons, including 1 million Californians who will not be eligible to benefit from the health care law due to their immigration status.

As our country debates a plan to reform our broken immigration system, we recognize that access to health care is an important part of that conversation.  Undocumented Californians are an economic asset, and by ensuring that all Californians have access to affordable, preventive care, we can make our economy even stronger. 

That’s why The California Endowment supports finding a solution for the remaining uninsured in California. Illness doesn’t distinguish between skin color or place of birth.  For those millions remaining uninsured, the only way to receive health care may be through expensive emergency room treatment.  It makes a lot more economic sense to give people the health care they need to prevent illness. Studies show that for every dollar spent on preventive services $18 dollars can be saved.  California is stronger when everyone has access to affordable, preventive care, and The Endowment is working hard with the state and local community partners to make that dream a reality.

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